Is There Life After Death?

There's Death After Life!

Are You Good Enough For Heaven?

One day you will die. Where will you go? Many people believe that they are good people. You may have friends who see you as a good person... but would you be good enough for heaven. Watch the video... answer a few questions honestly from your heart.... and see if you'd be good enough for heaven. And if not... what you can do to change your eternal destiny.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

You need to be sure that if you were do die tonight (and you will die one day) that you will end up in heaven. Don't believe in hell? Don't believe in the after-life? Then please think about this: each heart is the drum beat of your own funeral march. With each beat, the day grows closer. When it comes to your eternal destiny, you cannot afford to be wrong!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ from Way of Life Literature on Vimeo.

Some people want to know how a loving God can send people to hell.

The presentation answers this question too.

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